TIPUS: Mòdul optatiu
COORDINATOR: Dra. María Martell

The aim of this module is to know and understand the immunopathological basis of gastrointestinal diseases, the pathophysiology of the most relevant liver diseases and its complications, as well as to identify the biological markers and the current diagnostic methods and the approaches and research lines used to find solutions.


Section I: Lives diseases

  1. Liver cirrhosis
  2. Complications of liver cirrhosis.
  3. Animal models in cirrhosis, portal hypertension and non-alcoholic fatty liver.
  4. Experimental research lines.
  5. Liver tumors - hepatocellular carcinoma
  6. Viral Hepatitis
  7. Hepatitis B
  8. Hepatitis C

Section II: Digestive diseases

  1. Evaluation of abdominal distension.
  2. Evaluation of gastrointestinal function.
  3. Design of methodological strategies for identifying pathophysiological mechanisms in intestinal diseases.
  4. Neuro-immune interaction within the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Intestinal barrier function alteration in digestive diseases.
  6. Ethiopathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease.


Salvador Augustin Recio
Juan I. Esteban Mur
Joan Genescà Ferrer
María Martell Pérez-Alcalde
Mónica Higuera
Josep Quer Sivila
Immaculada Raurell Saborit
Francisco Rodríguez Frías
Anna Accarino Garaventa
Carmen Alonso Cotoner
María Antolín Maté
Fernando Azpiroz Vidaur
Elisabeth Barba Orozco
Natalia Borruel  Saiz
Danila Guagnozzi
Beatriz Lobo
Carolina Malagelada Prats
Marianela Mego Silva
Virginia Robles
Javier Santos Vicente
María Vicario Pérez