Dr. Josep Quer, Master's Coordinator
Principal Investigator Responsible for Basic Research
of the Hepatitis C Virus of the Liver Disease Laboratory


Module 1: Transversal skills for Translational Research in Human Pathology

Dr. Josep Quer, Module Coordination
Dra. Ibane Abasolo
Dr. Jordi Barquinero
Dr. Ignacio Ferreira
Dr. Francisco Rodriguez-Frías

Module 2: Advanced methodologies and tools for research. Research funding and innovation.

Dr. Santiago Pérez Hoyos, Module Coordination
Sr. Giacomo de Simone
Dr. Joan Sayós
Dr. Álex Sánchez

Module 3: Nervous System Diseases

Dra. María José Pérez, Module Coordination
Dra. Mar Hernández
Dra. Marta Martínez
Dr. Tomás Pinós

Module 4: Cardiovascular and Kidney Diseases

Dra. Antonia Sambola, Module Coordination
Dra. Marisol Ruiz Meana

Module 5: Neoplastic Diseases

Dr. Josep Roma, Module Coordination
Dra. Anna Santamaria
Dr. Miguel Segura

Module 6: Liver and Digestive Diseases

Dra. Maria Martell Module Coordination
Dra. Carmen Alonso
Dr. Josep Quer
Dr. Francisco Rodriguez-Frias

Module 7: Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Critical Care

Dr. Juanjo González, Module Coordination
Dr. Ricard Ferrer

Module 8: Immunologic, Respiratory and Endocrine Diseases

Dr. Josep Villena, Module Coordination
Dra. M Jesús Cruz
Dra. Clara Franco

Module 9: Internship
Dra. Ibane Abasolo

Module 10: Master's Degree Final Project
Dra. Maria Martell