The Internship module consists of a practical laboratory work aimed at consolidating, perfecting and complete the learning and skills acquired by the student in the various theoretical modules of the master’s degree. This period also gives to students the opportunity to acquire experience and learn to move around in a professional environment.

Internship last between three or six months and can be carried out at VHIR laboratories or in an external institution, as research centres or biomedical and pharmaceutical companies. During this period, students are supervised by a work placement tutor, who will guide and assess their work.

The VHIR offers to all of its students the possibility to carry out their internship at one of the laboratories of the Research Institute. Interested students should refer to the person of contact given in each offer by e-mail.

Once you have already been admitted for an internship in a research group or company, you should refer to VHIR Academic Secretary in order to sign the collaborative agreement for practices and all the necessary paperwork.

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